Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone

Arkansas Problem Gambling Council VP Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone

A physician based in Maumelle, Arkansas, Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone is co-creator of the
Arkansas Problem Gambling (ARPG) Council, which focuses on problem gambling prevention, awareness, and intervention. Working with ARPG co-founder Vena M. Schexnayder, Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone has helped develop strategies and products to support individuals engaged in problem gambling. As vice president of the council, he provides general oversight for initiatives such as the 2022 ARPG Better Together Problem Gambling Symposium and the March Madness for Mental Health Advocates Dinner.

Dr. Douangkesone holds a bachelor of science in microbiology from the University of Arkansas and a medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. Outside of his work with the ARPG Council, he has volunteered with the Westside Free Medical Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas, and participated in medical mission trips to Honduras. He has also worked in emergency rooms at multiple Arkansas medical facilities.

In 2011, Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone received the Award for Outstanding Medical Service provided to preschool children from the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters Program.

Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone

Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone

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Silakhone Douangkesone
Maumelle, AR US